Sunday, August 8, 2010

I went biking today for about a little over an hour and I have to admit I am quite ashamed of the results. I am no longer in shape, not that I was in much shape but I could say I was a little. My father who is coming up to fifty was not breathing heavy while I found myself a little out of breath. In my defense I can at least say that I was a tad bit dehydrated, which consisted of me becoming dizzy, nauseated, and extremely tired. To say the least I was a wimp.

My next goal is to attempt to limit my refined sugar intake because I have been tired none stop it seems and I want to try anything to help me gain more energy. This is going to be a tough battle because everything has refined sugar in it. EVERYTHING. Like I said I am only going to try to limit it as best I can. This is a true challenge.

My picture above resembles broccoli with rice, which is basically what it is. I simply cooked a cup of rice and added broccoli and asparagus. Of course I had to add something a little more than that! Sooo I drenched it with Soy Sauce. One of the amazing things in this world! That and teriyaki of course. Those Asians they knew exactly what they were doing.

Bring on the Asian food!

I love chopsticks too! Such a neat invention and will come very handy for my sushi excursion (I hope that is the right word, I mean you know what I meant right?) tomorrow! I cannot wait. Spicy tuna and eel here I come!

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