Saturday, August 7, 2010

It is interesting all the different blogs that are out there. Why do we make these blogs to share with thousands of people information about our everyday lives? It really is a question to think about because it doesn't make that much sense. Does it make us feel more important? Or does it simply help us through any problems by writing them down and sharing them, like a little bubble that is trapped but finally is able to burst when written down. I have decided that maybe I should start really writing down what I think and expressing my emotions every once in awhile. Who knows it might make me feel better, not that I really have any trouble with feeling good but a little bit relief could be found.

I will start by saying that I want to be a runner. I will next state that I am not a runner, not by any means in the sense I want to be. Another thing I must confess, which I am sure you have noticed, I am not the best with grammar so I do apologize for that.

Recipes will still be here. Trust me, I cook way too much for there not to be. I don't expect there to be many people reading about my life or my experiences but I want to see what writing them down will do.

Any way back to the running. So, I went running, already tired from the day, and ended up only running for twenty lousy minutes. Trust me, these twenty minutes good hardly be considered running but none of the less I am counting them. What makes a person get up or even walk out the door and step outside into usually either blazing hot or freezing cold weather and run? It really is a mystery to me.

I get bored.

Yes, I said it. I get so bored when I run. I have my music blasting away, I am trying to think, and I am looking (sadly not very well considering things are slightly blurry) at the things around me, yet I am bored.

What can I do? I want to be healthy but I just do not like exercising.

And now that I stated how I want to be healthy, I am going to go take a shower and eat some ice cream.

Yes, my logic is faulty and quite confusing but then again I just love food. It's a fault, I'm working on it just not very well. Can you tell?

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