Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Man I feel awesome! Guess who just ran 40 minutes! WHOO-HOO! As you can tell that is a really big accomplishment for me...

Well now that I have that done I need to begin talking about food! I have actually been doing a really awesome job at cooking at home, which is amazing for my family (even though I am breaking the streak tommorow...). To begin, a couple of days ago I made breakfest for my dad. Just a simple scramble for him with ham and cheese, the way he likes it. For me, instead of scraping up more calories then I really wanted I took an idea from Heidi Swanson's 101 Cookbooks blog. You take the egg and make it as if it were a crepe. Isn't that such a cool idea! I loved it and would defiantly do it again. I filled this one with some cheese and lettuce. It turned out really well even though I did have to try several times for the egg not to tear. The egg and the cheese gave it an almost buttery taste, then with the crunch of the lettuce! It was such a refreshing, amazing breakfast!

Ok, so I should have used a different plate but man were these things good!

Next my lunch!

In Dayton there is a place called the second street market which is a cute little market. It is only opened on Thrus, Fri, and Sat. It is in a long building and holds about I would say 20 or so stalls. They sell fish, soup, photos, bread, homemade noodles....which brings me to my lunch! There is a stall called Pastafinity and they sell homemade pasta in several flavors. I bought the portabella and red pepper pasta, both which were really good. There wasn't a tremendous difference in flavor but still who cannot love pasta!

I had some really great food while I was at the second street market. My first sample was some stuffed grape leaves. Let me tell you, those were good! The rice inside was rich and creamy but with a little kick to them. Yum! I definitely want to try to make those myself someday. So good!
While I was there I also had some really neat vegetarian meals. The little place I bought my lunch at was called Raw Vegetarian Bistro. My first thing I bought there (yes, I bought several) was a tofu peanut sauce wrap. It was pretty much a rice wrapper with red bell peppers, a little tofu, a little peanut butter, and some sprouts. I think that was all but the end result was fantastic. They put just the right amount of peanut butter! The next thing I had there was even better and so strange (at least to me..). It was zucchini noodles, noodles actually made out of zucchini, with pesto and pine nuts. It really did taste like noodles it was amazing! and once again I really want to make this too! Such an experience!

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