Monday, August 24, 2009

Alright it has been a while...but I do have an excuse!

English summer work...

End of story. Three books, Three essay's, all major crap but done at least.

So now that they are done I can tell about my hand pies little adventure! Well I tried this twice...the first time it didn't turn out all to well. The pies kept breaking open and ooey gooey blueberry juice leaked out all over my counter! But then I got smart! Well not exactly really smart just more like common sense, I made them more of a half pie rather then a rectangular and made them thicker. Tah Dah fabulous small hand pies that tasted good. but only good. I needed just a little something else. Icing. And then is was done.

The recipe is from VeganYumYum.
I used her recipe for the pie dough and the filling but my process was a little different from hers. but not much just a little...
Ok so I rolled out the dough like she did but instead of making it into a rectangle I formed mine into an oval. I rolled it out to about the thickness/thinness I thought would be about right. Before I added the filling I lifted up one side of the oval, or the side you would turn over, and made sure it would come up easy. Once this was done I added the filling but don't add to much! Leakage is not good! But it probably will happen as you can see below blueberry everywhere. Parchment is a good idea to place underneath before you start. It just makes cleanup and leakage manageable! So anyway once you have added your filling fold over one end carefully. Pinch the ends together so they hold and use a fork to press down on the edges just for extra hold. Careful you don't puncture your pie! It does happen, believe me!
Now slowly.....transfer the pie to a baking sheet....SLOWLY....this is by far the moment when all your yummy filling is bound to fall out. I had a spatula with me but most of the time I just used my hands but which ever works best for you go ahead and do that. Now once one the baking sheet insert little slits on top.
Keep making pies until the rest of the dough is all used up.
Then put them into the oven (The degrees is on her website). When I put mine in I just watched them really closely to see if they were done or not. I think my timing was around 10 min to give you a ball park.
Now they are complete, well almost. The icing must be added. To make the icing I just took powdered sugar and the liquid from my filling and mixed them together until I got the right consistency. The icing really made them amazing. Not too dry but not too sweet either just perfect!
These were originally made for my friend's birthday and she did get some but so did a lot of other people...They all liked them a lot! Especially with the icing of them. So the verdict was DELICIOUS. Thank you Veganyumyum! I love your blog and I love your food!


  1. oooo! these look awesome! I will have to give these a try soon...

  2. Oh wow, these look incredible. I feel like I could eat that icing with a spoon!