Friday, February 5, 2010

So I am giving this a go again.

Sorry, I am sort of a failure when it comes to being consistent I've come to realize that. School had started, my senior year of all years, and well it just sort of went down hill from there. I wasn't able to cook as much as I did in the summer, especially during band season, and then I just got caught up with college applications and scholarship stuff. Who ever said that senior year was the best? Well they lied. It is not fun at all and in fact sucks really bad. I have worked a lot this year which was not suppose to happen at all and senioritis has kicked in double drive. Such a drag. To top that off i have no pictures of the things I have made to give you, but trust me there has been quite a bit. Peanut butter rice krispies, an apple cake, several cookies, some failed brownies, apple crisp, all made it into my kitchen yet my camera magically was lost during that time. Sorry again for such the sad disappointment. But I bring you the cookies that I have been made famous for, well not famous but my friends practically drool over them. There simply sugar cookies, nothing dramatic.

But they are amazing, I have to admit. The best part of course is licking the cookie dough, oh man oh man is that good cookie dough.

These sugar cookies are not suppose to be sugar cookies. They were originally suppose too be snicker doodle cookies, which I also made with this recipe and was also extremely good, but I wanted sugar cookies. So, that's what they became. The recipe is the snicker doodle recipe off of, just simply exclude rolling the dough in cinnamon and sugar.

My friends demand these cookies and for good reason really. They are amazing.

P.S. I am apologizing for my horrible grammar in advanced. I am in Honors English but grammar, well lets just say that's not why I am in Honors English.

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